Hut Trip Feb/Mar 2003

This was from February 28-March 3, 2003. We stayed in McNamara Hut, which was about a 6 mile ski out of Aspen. The trailhead was maybe 2 miles from downtown. Four of us then stayed another few days in Aspen to ski there.

The biggest trouble I had was when unpacking in Aspen, I realized I had my alpine boots for afterwards, and had my tele skis, but no tele boots.... Luckily could rent them in Aspen... Unluckily, it didn't quite fit and gave me a bit of a blister and a black toenail. Fun trip though!

Snow was pretty nice. Didn't get a lot of powder, but you could still get some great powder skiing on several of the days.

Photo's are courtesy of Lisa & John as my camera's batteries were dead :-(

This was maybe 2-3 miles in. Stopped for lunch. This is also where I realized my camera's batteries were dead when I tried to photgraph Shasti waste deep in snow...

Me skiing up Van Horn park. I was the slow poke by a good chunk later on in the day.

A view of the "hut" we stayed in.

A closer view.

Plaque for the hut. This was the 2nd hut built in the 10th system.

Who me, fall skiing? Never! This was on a face coming down from Bald Knob.

At the top of Bald Knob, eating lunch. Nice and comfy!

The ski out was fast and warm. Maroon Bells in the background. This is in Van Horn Park again.

John & Judi with Maroon Bells in the background

There was this great hill.. If only we could ski it! :-) The snow was quiet heavy due to how warm it was. Jeff & Judi in the center, Debbie and Jason I believe are in the background.

If only I could say I didn't fall... I made it all the way down to the bottom and got off balance.... The sled got me... Yeah, that's the ticket!
After this, John, Judi, Debbie, and I stuck around to ski Aspen some. Skied Aspen Highlands & Snowmass. Hit Snowmass the day of a 17" dumping... It was sweet!

Highlands was great, lots of steep terrain, and some nice and hairy traverses to get back out. Fun skiing!

For an interactive trail map for the Aspen area, check here

Trail map of Aspen Highlands

'Riding' up the "Worlds most environmentally friendly lift" - Honest, the sign told me so!

See, there was a chair! The view from here would be amazing if it was clear

John & John at the top. Who says hiking in alpine boots isn't fun?

Me at the top of I think the G6 run in Highlands Bowl

Was a great ski down, though I was fighting the demo ski's I had.

Snowmass Trailmap.

Me towards the bottom of a nice steep hill in Hanging Valley. Doesn't that powder look nice! This run made the entire trip at Aspen.