Moab May 3-9, 2002

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Day One

We started out with a nice easy ride up Amasa Back and off the spur to this overlook of the Colorado.

Looking north up the Colorado towards Moab

Behind the Rocks & La Sal's

Behind the Rocks & La Sal's

Day Two (Saturday)

The trouble day. Everyone split into 3-4 groups, one did the nice little climb of Shafer, one group decided to try Around the World and La Sal pass (aka the death march of the trip :-) ), and Chris and I decided neither sounded good. So we went for Moonlight Meadow up in the La Sal's. After all it had been a dry winter and warm spring, there shouldn't be much snow.

We should have guessed by the lack of cars in the parking lot. This is a mile or so up the road.

After about 2 miles we stopped (we can learn, really!) This is what the trail looked like ahead of us

And here's Chris at waiting to go back

And for those wanting the full multi-media experience, here are 2 clips Chris showing us how to ride in the snow! Clip 1 (AVI), Clip 2 (AVI). It was actually entertaining riding as you'd be going along on solid snow for a while and then next thing you knew, your front wheel was axle deep in slush, or your rear wheel was axle deep in slush. Entertaining, but not what I came to Moab for!

After that short ride, we decided we needed another ride, so thought we'd got to the far end of Moab and ride Top of the World. After riding 5 miles on 2wd dirt road (Doh!) we started up the more interesting jeep trail for the final 4 miles or so. Very porcupine like for terrain. Some of the best viewpoints I've seen at the top. Also very drivable with a 4wd.

Looking south from Killer Viewpoint. Fisher Tower is the one in the back

Chris unloading after reaching the top

Onion Creek Road from Killer Viewpoint

Looking East from Killer

Chris, on the famous Dewey Bridge, after a hot, 18+ mile ride with 3000 vertical.

John, on the Dewey Bridge
Top of the World is well worth the trip, just remember, you don't need to ride the first 5 miles. A cadillac can make it to the Top of the World spur. I'm still amazed that the Taj ma'Howell made it through that Bridge....

Day Three (Sunday)

Again, we split up. Most of the group who did La Sal pass and Shafer went to do Top of the World; Raphael, Chris, John W. & I went and did Porcupine, and the rest did Klondike Bluffs for the morning ride.

Resting at the top of Porcupine. I had to dork with my bike unfortunatley

Chris, riding up one of the climbs

Raphael (note the helmet & gloves!) cleaning a nice drop on the descent of Porcupine -- the rest of us walked this one

And he finishes... Camera wasn't fast enough

The for the second half of the day, we finally got a crew out to ride Flat Pass again. We did it the smart way this time. Left 2 cars at the trail head, let all us slow pokes start the ride, and sent the 3 fast guys (Ric, Rick & Andrew) to shuttle one car (and cooler) to the end of the trail. Very nice.

Mike showing us how to clean the first stream crossing

A very blurry Keith clearing it too

Leith showing us how to ride uphill

Jeff trying a different approach

Phil trying it too

Keith getting the first wheel past the ledge

Mike attempted this too
Me? I just walked that as I knew I wouldn't make it up it.

And look what good it did for me! (20 yards or so from the end of the difficult stuff)
The crash was quite nice. I stood on the front wheel long enough to think "this is going to hurt" - and it did! Leith and all patched me up, and Mike tried to get my rear wheel trued again (that never happened - we got it enough to turn but brakes were gone). Just as we got down the last bit to flat land, Ric, Rick, and Andrew show up. If I hadn't fallen, we would have beaten them! Still a fun trip, though Grand Junction at night isn't that hot, but the fold at St. Mary's Hospital in GJ did a great job on the stitches (7).

Day Four (Monday)

Unfortunately the stitches, the ruined rear wheel, and the biggest culprit the torn cartiledge in my chest, kept me from riding Slickrock the next day :-( But here's a picture from there from 2 years ago on the S-curve. Gotta have a Slickrock picture!

The stitches by light of day

Is all that really going to fit in that Kayak Raphael?

More or less does... Watch out for white water!

And he's off paddling upstream

Had to get one more picture (off Dewey) just in case Raphael didn't show up Thursday!

Lookup upstream from the Dewey Bridge

And that's the last we saw of that crazy French guy!

Day Five (Tuesday)

Tuesday and Wednesday were going to be 4 wheeling days with Scott, Laurie & his parents. But, one day of 4 wheeling was more than enough for my ribs....

Scott directing me down a small hill by Monitor & Merrimac

Scott & crew in front. Tusher Canyon slickrock is in front

blurry picture of Hidden Canyon & Bartlett Wash slickrock

Lunch looking down into Hidden Canyon looking across at Bartlett Wash. Several of the black dots are bikers

Another view, there really are mountain bikers over there!

Hidden Canyon, no bikers

windshield view driving out of Hidden Canyon

Scott, driving up some rocks...

and onward. We're going to climb that ridge!

This was steep and loose, we decided to take the bypass instead. It wasn't as bad

Here's the last climb up. Scott's Dad's directing

Spun a bit here. It was windy.

A view back towards Hidden Canyon

A view back towards Hidden Canyon again.
After that Scott and I went to do Baby Lion's Back. Ain't no way you're getting me up the real one!

Scott made this look easy

And he tops out.

The view from the bottom. Can't you smell that rubber?

Here we are on top of it.

Looking back at the La Sal's from the top

No, Scott, not that edge! ;-)

Almost gone

The view from inside on the descent down the back. It's MUCH more impressive inside. I felt quite vertical at this point.

The view from the top of the front of Baby Lion's. Note that you can't see the entire face from here... It just drops off

Day Six (Wednesday)

The 4 wheeling just got to be too much bouncing. So, I headed off hiking up Negro Bill Canyon. A very nice hike. The canyon's located just south of where the Porcupine Rim trail intersects 128.

Looking up Negro Bill Canyon

Looking off at a side canyon
Later I took a drive out 313 a ways and hiked around some there and enjoyed the scenery.

Looking out at 7 mile canyon

Monitor Butte from the backside

Playing with the camera. Up 7 Mile Canyon

No name, but this is the last cliff wall on Dubinky Well's Road before you hit 313.

Looking down the road towards Monitor & Merrimac.

All in all, a fun trip. Though, me, the bike, and the car got damaged some - though the car was barely damaged (a bolt broke off the tire carrier). Can't wait for next year!