Muddy Buddy 2005

Muddy Buddy is a 5 (not 6!) leg race where you and your buddy run/bike ~6miles. One person runs 3 legs and bikes 2, and the other bikes 3 and runs 2. The Boulder race map is here. At each transition both people go through an obstacle, finishing at the infamous mud pit -which both must go through at the same time. Though that's not the only mud on the course! You get wet in the first 30 feet.

I ended up knowing several teams in this one. This is a great race for those not having done many races, and good fun for all. The kids race at the end was great to watch. The only improvement would be if they made it 6 legs long rather than 5. That way there would be less waiting at the end - Chris was waiting 5-10 minutes for me to catch up (several others had the same comment).

Anyways, I ended up running the 3 legs and Chris biking 3. What a mistake. I had thought there were 6 legs but instead there were 5.... Shouldn't have said I didn't mind running... Okay, okay that or I should have actually trained for this, or at least started running regularly sometime more recent than 12 months ago (with one or two runs since then). Oh well, the bike was easy.

Pics courtesy of Brad. Other photo's via BrightRoom.

Starting the final "obstacle" the mud pit! I'm the one in blue and still clean - that'll change.
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Me using my helmet to lift the flags. though this is a much better shot of the guy in the other lane. Doesn't it look like fun?

It was more fun than I make it look like here. Though the mud could have been softer ;-)

Chris, admiring my technique of using my face to lift the flags.

Post finish... This race hurt me more than I like to admit. Felt worse after it than after the Ironman... Final time was 55:02 (44/57 in our age group) over 6.2 miles (8:52 pace). Hmmm, that might explain why I felt so bad!

Feeling better. Went down to the lake to clean off after this. The water felt great, but felt very odd to not do a lap in the lake afterwards... There should always be a swim when you bike & run!

Chris kept himself much cleaner than I did!