Lower Mish, Twin Holes rapid 6/26/05

Well, I had been planning on joining Mike, Bill, Tom, and a raft for a trip down Lower Mish (staying in the boat this time), but ended up didn't due to a sore shoulder. Played photographer instead. It's really not that bad of a rapid, stay river left and upright (as at least 2 of us can attest to):-)

View from Ansel Watrous of Twin Hole. I went just river left of the rock at the top.... Where there's nice calm water before the white water... Big mistake.

Side view of the rapid trying to show the angles of the drops. The first one is the steepest with a steep wave at the bottom of it. Second not so bad. None of it is horrible if you have a brace.

Another view of the rapid with the large pool at the bottom. Though it does have a good upstream current in it.

The eddy/pool does have some swirly water in it.

And here they come!

The easier way down this is to river left (unlike what I did - I came through just river right of where the raft is by about 6 feet).

Raft followed by Mike, Tom, and Bill (whose boat is hiding)

Raft is almost down.

The raft is through, now the kayaks come down.

Mike trying to show off (yeah, that's it!) and not get run over by Bill.

Tom making it through fine and Bill trying not to hit Mike as he rolls back up.
And here is where I didn't have the camera ready to catch Bill's wonderful squirt just off the rock. Managed to get most all of his boat vertical and out of the water.