Above Pineview/Pineview/NineHole on 6/11/06

tail of Poudre Park | Pineview| Nine Hole

Photos of Mike, Andrew, and Dan running the last rapid on Poudre Park prior to the Pineview put in, Mike and Dan running the top half of Pineview (down through Scout Rock), and Andrew running Nine Hole.

Poudre Park just above Pineview

These are from the last rapid on Poudre Park just above the Pineview putin

Here they come,
Mike in the lead.

Where's the boat?

And here's Andrew (or
at least his red helmet
and paddle)

Busting through a wave

Where's the boat?

And that boat keeps disappearing

Top half of Pineview

They didn't stay eddied out so no photo's of Disney... Bad Mike ;-)

And Mike eddy's
out at the gauge.

Time to start

Mike makes the eddy.

Dan starts his run.

And Dan at the eddy.

Nine Hole

This is the rapid just above the putin on Bridges.

Andrew, watch out for the rock

Yep, that one

Woo hoo!

Braces do seem to help