Snowstorm 2003, taken March 19

This was a late season upslope storm. Dumped on average ~30" of snow in Fort Collins. Some area got +6' of snow. Winter Park had 71" of snow in 72 hours....

This is Mulberry street out by the airport on my way into town from I-25

College just south of Mulberry. Lot's of trees were damaged in this storm, especially in the Old Town area.

Almost home, on Yorkshire....

And here I am, home.... Well sort of, now if only I could get in!

Looking west on Stuart. Note the height of the snow piled along side the car.

Another view of the house.

Bozo struggling through the snow. It was tough on him

Another closer view of the front door... This is going to be tiring!

I'm going to have a tired dog after this!

Side view of the front. Nice snow hanging from the roof. There are bushes under that snow... Really :-)

View of the deck from over the fence.

Another view of the backyard

Finally got the car halfway into the driveway

The view from the garage... Lot's of snow...

A bit hard to tell, but the top of the snow drive was just under 43" deep. This was the largest drift in the driveway.

Another view of the back deck

The view from just inside the back door looking at Bozo on the back deck... The drift is bigger than he is!

Another view of the backyard. The snow was on average 30" deep back here.