Consolidated Poudre Flows

This page contains flow data for the Poudre River from a variety of sources and charts them on one page. The chart can be zoomed by click/drag or pinch/zoom highlighting or via the form buttons below. See cameron_snow for snow reports.

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Flow Charts

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Notes on Usage
Hewlett (CFS) to Rock (Ft) Converter: Caution: The gauge changed a bit earlier, so this equation isn't holding up well...

In the form below you can enter a flow from the Hewlett Gauge. It'll convert it to Feet on the Rock when you hit "enter". The equation is less accurate at flows below ~300 and probably likely will lose accuracy above ~3200. It's broken below say 100cfs or whenever the Rock would read less than 0.1 feet.

Hewlett CFS: Rock Ft:

For reference, the current equation is: rock = 6.11234E-11*(cfs3) - 8.4249E-07*(cfs2)+3.716E-03*cfs+0.1

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